Aluminium Double Door Furnace

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  • Characteristics:

    • Description: Skelner Furnace (Lip axis)
    • Capacity: 5.5 TO 6 TONS/BATCH
    • Melting Rate: 2000 Kg. /Hr. + / - 5%
    • Max. temperature: 11000C
    • Molten metal temperature: 7500C - 8000C
    • Fuel: Diesel / F O / LDO.
    • Blower : Centrifugal Type 25 H.P. / 48" WG. (2000 CFM Capacity)
    • Burner:North American Oil heating and Pumping
    • Unit: Duplex-2, 9 K.W.
    • Tilting Arrangement: By means of Hydraulic System.
    • Recuperator:Radiant Type (Buyer- Scope of Supply)
    • Fuel Consumption:100 Liters / ton +/- 10% ( with recuperator )

Product Description

1.Objective :

In order to melt the Aluminium scrap of various type and grades like turning, boring, auto casting etc. and alloying elements like Mn, Mg, Si, Cu, Zn etc. Temperature of molten metal will be maintained between 7500C and 8000C.

2.Furnace Shell:

The rectangular shaped Mild Steel Shell will be fabricated of 10 mm thick Plates duly reinforced with steel Structure of rolled Sections ISMC 125/ISMB 125/ISA 65X 65 etc. Burner mounting frame will be fitted at one end of the furnace and other end will have a flue passage fabricated thoroughly in the furnace shell. The furnace will be mounted on a Fabricated Steel Structure Base Frame with Hydraulic Tilting arrangement. Heavy duty steel fabricated brackets will be fitted to suit the hydraulic tilting arrangement. Adequate numbers of 6 mm holes to be done on the base plate and the door plates of the furnace in order to provide space for escape of moisture during pre-heating of furnace.

3. Furnace Lining:

The furnace shell side walls will be lined with 230 mm thick 50% H/Alumina based "Refractory Bricks" and will be further backed up by 115 mm thick "Mica Insulation Bricks". The furnace side walls shall be provided with 2" thick insulating Hysil Block to minimize the heat losses through walls above metal level.

The bottom of the furnace and side walls up to metal level shall be lined with 230 mm thick 70% H/Al Based Bricks and 115 mm thick insulation bricks & 50 mm thick insulating castable.

The Roof of the furnace will be lined with suspended type of bricks having 230 mm thickness and grade of H/A 50%. A final layer of 115 mm thick insulation bricks shall be provided to prevent the heat loss through the furnace roof. Charging door side walls shall be lined with the superior quality refractory Castable Criterion

A gentle slope will be provided in front of charging doors with the help of Refractory mortar (Castable Criterion) in order to ensure the easier drossing, smooth charging and to prevent the refractory lining from raw material impact. Sides of charging doors will be lined with a high quality refractory mortar cast in a single piece.

4. Charging door:

2 Nos. of Charging doors opening will be provided with C.I. frame & vertical guides alongwith self locking arrangement for proper sealing of furnace. The door will be fabricated of 10 mm & 12 mm thick MS Plates, I.S.M.C. 100 etc. These doors will be operated by means of hydraulic cylinders. Effective sizes of first door shall be 900 mm long x 700 mm in height and the second door shall be 1200 mm long x 700 mm height.